Dry Hair Conditioner

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Dry hair gets its texture and dullness from raised cuticles on the hair shaft, which makes hair more porous causing moisture to escape. As moisture decreases hair becomes drier more brittle, frizzy and subject to breakage. Our creamy thick natural conditioner penetrates to protect and moisturize from the inside while closing cuticles on the outside for hair that is left healthy, shinier and silky smooth. Even the most dehydrated hair quickly regains its original strength, suppleness and radiance.

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Leaves dry hair restored and vibrant without weighing it down.
Ideal for hair weakened by overexposure to sun, chemical-processing or excessive heat styling.
Hair that is well moisturized tends to be more resistant to frizz, tangles, dryness and split ends.
Passion Fruit Oil is pressed from the fruit kernels of the passionflower plant.
Carrot Root Oil is rich in beta carotene, vitamins A and E which helps to heal damaged hair and split ends. Conditioners, Hair Care by JustNatural Organic Care

With Silk Elements Extra Dry Hair Conditioner and Hairdress you can say goodbye to dry edges, brittle ends and dry roots!

Nourishes & restructures hair from roots to ends Its rich formula regenerates & repairs dry ends Protects hair against harsh environmental factors like sun wind Conditioning ingredients wrap capillary fibers & detangle hair Leaves hair soft smooth shiny & manageable

Dry Hair Conditioner
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Manufacturer: JustNatural Organic Care

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