No Rinse Shampoo 8oz CS12

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MIYANI offers No-Rinse Laboratories quality hair products, affordable prices!
Because there are times when rinsing is not possible, No-Rinse cleans and refreshes without water. Outdoors, on the road, on the water, you don’t have to be grubby. Biodegradable, pH balanced, natural scent, contains noalcohol.

Buy MIYANI hair products – professional salon products by No-Rinse Laboratories.
Requires no additional water
Eliminates odors
Alcohol free
ph Balanced Shampoos, Hair Care by No-Rinse Laboratories

Keep your hair fresh and clean when water is in short supply-NASA astronauts use this shampoo during space shuttle missions. Biodegradable, PH-balanced soap contains no alcohol; leaves hair with a clean, fresh fragrance and no residue. Easy to use-just shake, apply directly to hair, massage until foaming lather covers hair, and towel dry thoroughly. No rinsing required.

No Rinse Shampoo 8oz CS12
UPC: 075244008006
Manufacturer: No-Rinse Laboratories
Model: 00800

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