Avon Anew Platinum Serum

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Introducing the next generation of skin care for women 60 and beyond. A breakthrough so advanced, it reshapes anti-aging science! Platinum recaptures the look of youthful contours. THE BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY: Avon’s firstever patented Paxillium Technology is formulated to boost the production of paxillin by 60%
Skin feels saturated in creamy comfort. For best results, use morning and night. 82% of women agree facial contours look reshaped for more youthful definition. Overnight, skin on the face and neck feels lifted; deep wrinkles appear reduced. After 2 weeks, reduces the look of deep horizontal lines in the neck area. Lifts and firms the look of sagging skin under the chin and neck. 1 fl. oz.
Paxillin is a key protein that helps to retain the full, expanded shape of youthful skin cells and is found in lesser amounts in aging cells.Based on invitro testing of Paxillium Technology on 3-D reconstructed skin.Based on women who expressed an opinion in a consumer-perception study.

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ANEW Platinum Serum & Night Cream
If you think your youth is gone, think again
NIGHT CREAM 1.7OZ Treatments & Masks, Face by Avon

Avon Anew Platinum Serum
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